Laser Transfer Paper for Light Garments

Made in USA!

This is the new general of color laser copiers and printers. It has been redesigned for use with all Xerox® EA toner copiers and printers, and a variety of other color laser copiers and printers. It transfers with less heating time onto most white or light-colored fabrics, and washes extremely well with a stretchable and breathable soft-hand feel.

Recommended Fabrics

· Cotton

· Polyester

Cotton/Poly Blends

Recommended Printers

· Laser printers

Peels: Hot/Cold

Finish: Matte

Print Instructions

· Select plain paper as your type and mirror your image

· Set mode to photo quality

· Print in either 360 or 720 dpi mode. Do not enhance color

· Allow print to dry 15 minutes before pressing

Trim Margins

Heat Press Instructions

· Turn heat press at 380 degrees Fahrenheit

· Set to medium/high pressure

· Do not prepress. Shirt must be cool.

· Position paper print side down on shirt

· Press for 20 seconds

· Wait 8 seconds then peel transfer.

· Place siliconized sheet or Kraft paper over transfer and press for 5 seconds

· Peel off sheet hot or cold


Printable HTV LASER for light garments